North Shore Towing provides top quality towing services in the Lake Tahoe area. Highly trained drivers with the knowledge and equipment to handle all of your towing and recovery needs. Phone: 775-298-2629Have fun with our interactive map for information about our services!

You used the last drop... We understand the excitment of being on the road. And we know you want to go further fast.
More fuel is on the way!
Boom! You popped a tire... Don’t worry, we’re only a phone call away and ready to get your wheels turning again in no time!
Give us a call and you’ll be swiftly on your way.
Keys behind the glass? Nothing is impenetrable to us! We’ll bust you in with no signs of forced entry.
If your child is inside, we come to the rescue at no cost to you!
No juice...?No problem! We jump to new heights to get you back in the game. We’ll help you with your depleted power levels and you’ll soon forget you were ever left behind. Vroom-vroom! An emergency is no fun... But we make it hassle-free with our 24/7/365 no-damage towing services. We’re here to help!

Roadside Safety Tips

Being out of your car on the highway is extremely dangerous, try to avoid this whenever possible. If you do breakdown on the highway try to make your car as visible as possible.

A well maintained vehicle is the best prevention for roadside emergencies, before you set out on a road trip make sure you check the following. If you don’t know how or don’t feel comfortable give us a call and will be glad to help.

We can’t prevent every roadside emergency. If you do run into trouble it is helpful to have a road side emergency kit. There are several things, in addition to your car jack and spare tire (be sure to check this occasionally to make sure it is properly inflated), that you should keep in your car at all times.